Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Solution to Saturday's Puzzle

I found the sarcasm, language choice, and hypothetical situations in Solution to Saturday's Puzzle to be funny.  David Sedaris used sarcasm when he pretended to wish the best of luck to his new enemy on his flight to Raleigh and also when he asked the lady if she couldn't be separated from her husband on the 90-minute plane ride because her husband was going to go to jail as soon as they land.  I also thought that the part about the New York Times crossword puzzle was kind of funny, especially when he said filling out the crossword puzzle "always makes you look reasonable" because it's so hard (129).  I laughed at the names he called the lady in the puzzle, paying no attention to the clues for the correct words.  David looked to the crossword puzzle for answers to his problems.  David thought about if the flight attendant were to push one person out of the airplane, it would be the lady that David was arguing with.  At the last minute, David would step forward and tell her to push him out instead, and then the lady would be tragically "sucked into space" (131).

I hope no one takes this in a bad way... it's the only joke I can think of right now!
"What do you call a Mexican baptism?"
"A bean dip."

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