Thursday, March 24, 2011

Research Question

I think I want to write something about how cancer affects people.  I've become very interested in this topic because my mom has been diagnosed with cancer recently.

How does cancer mentally affect people?
With this topic, I could write about the two main paths that cancer patients usually go down (mentally):  the path where they have a more positive outlook on life and the path where they are very depressed.

How does chemotherapy affect patients?
I would write about the psychological and physical effects that chemotherapy has on cancer patients, the success rate that chemotherapy has, different types of chemotherapy, the drugs that are used in chemotherapy, etc.

How does having cancer positively change a person's outlook on life?
If my first topic question is too long, I would choose this topic.  I'd like to write on only the positive effects, but I'm afraid my paper won't be long enough.  Also, I could use personal examples because my mom has a more positive outlook now that she has gone through this process.

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