Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals

I chose the Daisy sour cream commercial.  In this commercial, the advertisers make the sour cream look appealing by putting it on many different kinds of foods and describing its creamy texture.  It attracts many different kinds of viewers by showing the product in family events, between friends, and with people of different ages.  Some quotes in the commercial that portray its versatility are "Daisy goes with food and fun" and "It's a family favorite" and "Give a dollop to everyone."  The song throughout the commercial is very catchy and fun.  In the commercial, no one ever acknowledges the camera; everyone is just having a good time eating sour cream and socializing with people they care about.

The Daisy sour cream commercials use advertising tactics such as the need for affiliation, nurture, and physiological needs.  The need for affiliation comes in all the interactions between the people in this commercial.  People want to be surrounded by loved ones and enjoy their time with one another, and that's exactly what this commercial tells you Daisy sour cream can do.  As for the need to nurture, the family shots of the grandma passing the sour cream to her granddaughter and the little girl helping prepare a meal with her parents (and Daisy sour cream of course) tell the consumers that this product helps make children happy and build bonds between the adults and the children.  Being a food advertisement, the physiological needs are met when the narrator of the commercial describes the creaminess of the sour cream.

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