Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Library Field Trip

First, I went to Steenbock because it was closest to my dorm.  I got on the computer and searched for things like "cancer + positive" and "cancer + outlook", but I didn't exactly what I was looking for.  I noticed that all of the titles that were most closely related to my research topic were at Ebling Library, so I left Steenbock and went there with one title and call number that I wrote down.  I was really lost in Ebling because I had never been there before, but I eventually found the book.  When I looked at the books around it, nothing really seemed to be potentially helpful.  They were all books about fear and decision making, which are too general for my research topic.  However, the book I did end up finding looks like it has some good information.  The section of this book that I'm particularly interested in is called "Lessons Learned About Benefit Finding Among Individuals With Cancer of HIV/AIDS."  It gives lessons learned about benefit finding in each of these situations, some of which include optimism, marital status, and age.  Also, I looked at the references at the back of this book and found some online journals that also are closely related to my topic.

Lechner, Suzanne C. and Kathryn E. Weaver. "Lessons Learned About Benefit Finding Among Individuals With Cancer or HIV/AIDS." Park, Crystal L., et al. Medical Illness and Positive Life Change: Can Crisis Lead to Personal Transformation? Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2009. 107-124.  Print.

Call Number:  BF637L53M489i2009

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